Polk Reserve Series R700 5.1.2 Speaker Pack (Saturn3)

  • Polk Audio Reserve R700 Floor-Standing Tower Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio Reserve R400 Centre Channel Speaker
  • Polk Audio FXI A4 Surround Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio V80 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 Subwoofer



System Includes:

  • Polk Audio Reserve R700 Floor-Standing Tower Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio Reserve R400 Centre Channel Speaker
  • Polk Audio FXI A4 Surround Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio V80 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
  • Polk Audio DSW PRO 660 Subwoofer

R700 Floor-Standing Tower Speakers (Pair)

The R700 offers uncompromising sonic performance. This full throttle loudspeaker adds two 8” woofers to deliver massive impact with striking audio clarity and detail. Perfect for use as a reference stereo pair or as the cornerstone of the ultimate home cinema.

  • Tweeter: 1” Pinnacle Ring Radiator
  • Mid-range/Mid-bass: 6.5” Turbine Cone
  • Woofer: 2 x 8” Polypropylene
  • Cabinet: Floor Firing Power Port with X-Port
  • Frequency Response: 38 – 38,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Power Handling: 50 – 300w
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Dimensions: 32.07 H x 114.38 W x 42.83 D (cm)
  • Weight: 35.39kg each

R400 Centre Channel Speaker

The R400 offers unrivalled power and clarity from a centre channel speaker. The addition of two 6.5” turbine cone woofers and Polk’s unique X-Port technology means it delivers enormous yet balanced sound, ideal for the ultimate home theatre system.

  • Tweeter: 1” Pinnacle Ring Radiator
  • Woofer: 2 x 6.5” Turbine Cone
  • Frequency Response: 48 – 39,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Power Handling: 20 – 200w
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Dimensions: 61.5 H x 19.66 W x 35.0 D (cm)
  • Weight: 14.9kg each

FXi A4 Surround Speakers (Pair)

Polk FXI A4 Bipole/Dipole Effects Speaker is a dual Dynamic Balance® 1-inch dome tweeter design and a 5 1/4-inch Dynamic Balance driver that produces believable real-life effects at prodigious volumes. The selectable bipole/dipole function allows you to configure it to your space and 7.1 systems. The smaller cabinet enables it to fit in more places. Polk FXI A4 Bipole/Dipole Effects Speaker is Full Fidelity and High Performance.

  • Tweeter: 2 x 1” Silk Polymer Composite Dome
  • Woofer: 5.25” Polymer Composite
  • Cabinet: Front-firing Acoustic Tuned Vent
  • Switch: Bipole/Dipole mode
  • Frequency Response: 50 – 27,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • Power Handling: 20 – 150w
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Terminals: 5-way binding posts
  • Dimensions: 30.5 H x 28.9 W x 18.9 D (cm)
  • Weight: 4.1kg each

V80 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)

Add rich built-in sound to your home with this Polk V80 in-ceiling speaker, which features a 8″ Dynamic Balance® polypropylene woofer for a clear midrange and powerful bass, and a floating swivel mount silk dome tweeter. Polk’s magnetically attached Sheer-Grille™ ensures a clean, flush fit.

  • Tweeter: 1” Silk Polymer Dome
  • Woofer: 8” Composite Polymer
  • Frequency Response: 45 – 25,000Hz (-3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 90dbB
  • Power Handling: 10 – 100w
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Features: Wafer thin-grille – Ideal match to Signature Series
  • Mounting Depth: 8.25cm
  • Dimensions: Cutout: 23.8cm, Overall Diameter: 28.3cm

DSW PRO 660 Subwoofer

The DSW PRO 660 wi delivers more deep bass impact without cramping your style. Polk’s most powerful subwoofer features a 400 Watt continuous intelligent digital amplifier to move its 12″ Dynamic Balance® driver, filling even the biggest rooms with waves of tight bass. Experience thunderous explosions, powerful bass effects and precise musical bass response from a large subwoofer that still keeps a low profile.

  • Woofer: 12” Down-firing Polymer Composite
  • Cabinet: Down-firing Slot Port (Feet can be moved for front firing option)
  • Amplifier: Class D, 200 Watts continuous, 400 Watts Peak
  • Frequency Response: 30 – 125Hz
  • Inputs: LFE, Line-Level, Speaker Level
  • Outputs: Line-Level, Speaker Level
  • Features: Polk Room Optimizer, remote control, continuously variable crossover, 4-position phase switch, Auto On/Off
  • Dimensions: 41.0 H x 38.1 W x 39.4 D (cm)
  • Weight: 18.6kg each


The Reserve Series incorporates ground-breaking Polk technologies found on their award-winning Legend Series to bring its flagship sound to more people.


The Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter’s distinctive pointed shape guides the dispersion of high frequency sounds around a room. This innovation widens the sweet spot and allows you freedom to enjoy your music and movies wherever you choose to sit.


Polk’s pioneering turbine design delivers a significant increase in cone rigidity without increasing mass. This innovation means the woofer can move with increased accuracy and speed to deliver enhanced sound resolution, enabling you to experience a breathtaking level of detail in your music and movies.


Polk’s new Power Port 2.0 is the latest version of their successful Power Port technology. In addition to Power Port’s carefully engineered port design that smooths the flow of air as it exits the cabinet through the port, X-Port adds a set of closed-pipe absorbers that are specifically tuned to unwanted cabinet and port resonances. Together, these two technologies combine to function as Power Port 2.0 to deliver smooth, detailed audio. Combined with dual 8” woofers, you’ll get louder, cleaner bass while minimising turbulence and port noise.


Reserve’s sleek cabinetry hides a world of audio innovation. Cabinets are carefully cross-braced to best eliminate unwanted interior resonances. Rounded exterior corners help disperse sound broadly around the room with minimal diffraction, creating an open sound stage.


The Reserve Series sets the benchmark for music and movie audio excellence.


Delivers clear and detailed high-end response up to 40Khz for improved high frequency signals for today’s high-quality audio.


Listening to Atmos and DTS:X-enabled content on Reserve Series speakers brings you deeper into the story or music every time.


IMAX Enhanced certification guarantees an unforgettably huge and dynamic home theatre experience when enjoying IMAX Enhanced movies, television shows and music.


For over 45 years, Polk Audio has designed, engineered, and voiced high-quality loudspeakers, sound bars, and smart speakers. From innovation in tweeter design to the legendary SDA speakers, Polk Audio makes great sound accessible to all.


The Reserve series is built to last and features a best-in-class, 5-year limited warranty.


Polk’s goal since their founding has been to build great loudspeakers that virtually transport the listener’s room into the scene of the recorded performance. This is achieved by constant innovation and leaving nothing to chance. The result of over 45 years of engineering is best-in-class loudspeakers backed by numerous awards, patents, and brand loyalists.

R700 Floor-Standing Tower Speaker

Speaker TypeFloor-Standing Loudspeaker
UOM (Sold As)Each
Tweeter1″ Pinnacle Ring Radiator
Mid-range/Mid-bass6 ½” Turbine Cone
WoofersTwo 8″ Polypropylene
Overall Frequency Response30Hz – 50kHz
Frequency Response (-3dB limits)38Hz – 38kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power50 – 300W
Amplifier Output Compatibility8Ω / 6Ω / 4Ω
Minimum Impedance (ohms)3.6Ω
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)88dB
Tweeter/Mid-range Crossover Frequency2700
Mid-range/Mid-bass Crossover Frequency350
Product Dims W x H x D (Includes width of feet)320.7 x 1143.8 x 428.3mm
12.6 x 45 x 16.9 in
Product Weights (each)79.1 lbs/35.9 kg
Shipping Weight94.4 lbs/42.8 kg
New CRC (Mid-Range Enclosure Type)Sealed with CRC
Mid-Bass / Woofer Enclosure TypeFloor Firing Power Port with X-Port
Available FinishesBlack / Walnut
FeetSpike and Pad
Wall-Mountable (keyhole slots)No
Binding Posts: Nickel-plated 5-WayDual
Hi-Res CertifiedYes
IMAX CertifiedYes
Shipping Dims (WxHxD)550 x 423 x 1250mm
(21.6 x 16.7 x 49.2) in

R400 Centre Channel Speaker

Speaker TypePerformance Centre Channel
UOM (Sold As)Each
1″ Pinnacle Ring Radiator
WoofersTwo 6 ½” Turbine Cone
Overall Frequency Response36Hz – 50kHz
Frequency Response (-3dB limits)48Hz – 39kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power20 – 200W
Amplifier Output Compatibility8Ω / 6Ω / 4Ω
Minimum Impedance (ohms)4.1Ω
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)89dB
Tweeter/Mid-range Crossover Frequency2500
Mid-range/Mid-bass Crossover Frequency
Product Dims W x H x D (Including feet)615 x 196.6 x 350mm
24.2 x 7.8 x 13.8 in
Product Weights (each)32.8 lbs/14.9 kg
Shipping Weight39.5 lbs/17.9 kg
New CRC (Mid-Range Enclosure Type)
Mid-Bass / Woofer Enclosure TypeDual Rear X-Ports
Available FinishesBlack / Walnut
FeetRubber pads
Wall-Mountable (keyhole slots)No
Binding Posts: Nickel-plated 5-WaySingle
Hi-Res CertifiedYes
IMAX CertifiedYes
Shipping Dims (WxHxD)740 x 483 x 293mm
(29.1 x 19 x 11.5) in

FXi A4 Surround Speaker

Speaker TypeSurround Channel Speaker
Speaker Special FeaturesWall-Mountable
Enclosure typeVented
Frequency Response50 Hz – 27 kHz
Power150 Watts
Mid/Bass Driver133.4 mm
Tweeter2 x 25.4 mm
Impedance (Ω)8 Ω
Sensitivity88 dB
Item Sold AsPair
Warranty5 Year / Australian Manufacturer Warranty
Product Dimension (H×W×D)305 x 290 x 189 mm (ea)
Product Weight4.1 Kg (ea)

V80 In-Ceiling Speaker

Total Pieces1
Included Accessories• (1) Polk’s Wafer-thin Sheer Grille™ – White, Paintable
Optional Accessories• (1) PB LC80i – Pre-Construction Bracket – Sold Separate
• (1) Fire-Rated Back Box – Sold Separate
• (1) Square Sheer Grille™ – White, Paintable – Sold Separate
Carton 16.5″ (16.51 cm) h
12.25″ (31.12 cm) w
12.5″ (31.75 cm) d
5 lbs (2.27 kg)
Qty Included1
Depth4.125″ (10.48 cm)
Driver Complement• (1)  8″ (20.32 cm) d (Round) Composite Polymer Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround – Mid/Woofer
• (1) 1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) Swivel Mount, Silk Dome – Tweeter
Grille Dimensions11.125″ (28.26 cm) diameter
Dimensions9.375″ (23.81 cm) diameter
Flush Mounting Depth3.625″ (9.21 cm) –
Total Frequency Response30 Hz → 27,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)90 dB
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits45 Hz → 25,000 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel10 watts → 100 watts
Audio Inputs
Speaker Inputs(1) Pair of Push Connectors – Gold Plated

DSW PRO 660 Subwoofer

Total Pieces1
RemoteSubwoofer Remote
Remote TypeInfrared (IR)
Remote Features• On/Off
• Mute
• Volume +/-
• Phases 0, 90, 180, 270
• Night Mode
• Reset
• Polk Room Optimizer Settings: Cabinet, Corner, Mid-Wall, Mid-Room
Optional Accessories• (1) DSW Pro 600 Grille – For Front-Firing Orientation – Sold Separate
Electronics Warranty3 years
Drivers Warranty5 years
Carton 121.5″ (54.61 cm) h x 21.25″ (53.98 cm) w x 21.25″ (53.98 cm) d – 53 lbs (24.04 kg)
Total Pieces1
Availability US
Height17.13″ (43.51 cm)
Width16.5″ (41.91 cm)
Depth16.5″ (41.91 cm)
Weight45 lbs (20.41 kg)
Subwoofer Array Driver Enclosure TypeDownward Firing Slot Port
Subwoofer Array Driver Complement• (1)  12″ (30.48 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance polymer composite cone driver – Subwoofer
Power400 watts
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits25 Hz → 125 Hz


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