Paradigm Millenia Sub

Dual woofer back-to-back bipolar design! 900 Watts Dynamic Peak Power / 300 Watts RMS Sustained.



The MilleniaSub is part of Paradigm’s ‘Reference’ collection … cool style and superb quality that includes ‘cost no object’ technology at below what you’d pay for any other genuine high-end subwoofer with this much cool stuff.

Talk About Sub Yoga! More Positions than a Swami Teaching Yoga in an Ashram

Audio is all about finding ‘the spot’ … the sweet spot* in seating gets a lot of attention but so should finding the right spot for your sub. In a traditional setup, for best sonic integration, locating your sub between your front speakers, beside one of them or close to the back wall will usually provide the best bass performance. Under the couch! Ideal for those who want the sub heard but not seen! How will the ‘under the couch’ position affect the sound? That’s where the Paradigm engineering magic comes into play … its dual woofer back-to-back bipolar design is inherently vibration-cancelling for exceptional resonance and distortion reduction no matter where it sits—even hidden away under the couch.

*The sweet spot is the optimal listening position … the area that puts the listener facing and directly between the left and right front speakers.

(MilleniaSub Wall-Mount Bracket system sold separately)

Back-to-Back Bipolar Dual-Woofer Design… inherently vibration-cancelling.  Woofers fire in opposite directions resulting in a physical cancellation of cabinet vibrations and a massive reduction in the potential for sound-destroying resonances.  Bloated, boomy bass? Not a chance!

Killer Polymer Monocoque Cone Design… the outer skin of the cone bears the brunt of the motion stress brought on by extended cone movement!  Cone is also FEA-optimised for the maximum strength-to-weight ratio.

Over-Molded Corrugated Santoprene® Surround… well known performance advantages like high-excursion and symmetrical compliance as well as increased longevity and you-can-bank-on-it performance reliability.  Design geometry reminiscent of Paradigm’s RVC-12SQ in-wall sub = higher output, lower distortion, every bass note sounds distinct.

Radical Dustcap Design… braced through the centre and adhered to the cone’s edge allowed Paradigm to move primary cone breakup mode to outside the woofers operating band.  Reduced distortion (it’s inaudible actually!) and improved frequency response.  Not to mention it looks totally cool!

FEA-Optimised Motor Structure… 1” voice-coil, high-energy rare-earth neodymium ring magnets.

5-mm Thick Die-Cast Aluminium Cabinet… ultra-rigid but also super slim allowing us space to tuck in all of this crazy state-of-the-art technology!

Advanced Ultra-Class-D Amplifier… Paradigm’s Digital Signal Processing Design.  Sophisticated mathematical algorithms ‘shape’ frequency response ensuring accurate, consistent, musical bass without distortion even at highest output levels.

DESIGNDual driver, sealed box, vibration cancelling, built-in Ultra-Class-D™ power amplifier, USB port for PBK equalization
AMPLIFIER900 watts Dynamic Peak / 300 watts RMS
AMPLIFIER FEATURESAuto-on, soft clipping, thermal monitoring
ROOM CORRECTIONAnthem Room Correction (ARC®) (sold separately)
LOW FREQUENCY DRIVERTwo 355-mm x 76-mm (14 in x 3 in) reinforced polymer cones, corrugated Santoprene® surrounds, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coils
IMPEDANCERCA: 10k ohms; XLR: 20k ohms
DIMENSIONS HXWXD14″ × 18.375″ × 5.875″ (35.6cm × 46.7cm × 14.9cm)
WEIGHT24 lbs. (10.9 kg)
FINISHESSatin Black, White
LOW PASS FILTER FREQUENCYVariable 35 Hz – 150 Hz; Bypass Option
SUB / SAT PHASE ALIGNMENTVariable 0° – 180°
INPUTSRCA Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver, processor or other line-level source
WIRELESS RECEIVERParadigm PT-1 Wireless Transmitter
DIMENSIONS HXWXD (HORIZONTAL, INCLUDING FEET)5.5″ × 18.375″ × 14″ (14.0cm × 46.7cm × 35.6cm)
DIMENSIONS HXWXD (VERTICAL, INCLUDING STAND)15″ × 8.75″ × 18.375″ (38.1cm × 22.2cm × 46.7cm)
LATENCYSelectable (15 / 20 / 25 ms)
SAMPLING RATE48 kHz / 16 bits
SUBS PER TRANSMITTERUp to four subwoofers per PT-1 transmitter


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