M&K Sound S300T (Pair)

S300T THX ULTRA Tripole Surround Sound Rear Speakers



M&K Sound invented the Tripole® speaker configuration to do what no conventional surround loudspeaker can do. The installation of side and/or rear mounted S300T’s enhances the solidity and pin-point placement of rear channel events such as fly-overs, voices, effects, music etc., as well as the realism of the ambient soundfield.

The S300T Tripole® with integral wall-mount bracket, employs the same front drivers and crossover technology as the S300, for a perfect acoustic match.

Independent, isolated side chambers house two 4” drivers per side for optimal surround coverage that rivals the huge array of speakers required in movie theatres.

The S300 Series introduces specially designed separate tweeter and woofer mounting brackets for exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet and a tight connection between the die-cast, custom made brackets and the front baffle.

All drivers are rear mounted to the brackets and the brackets are rear-mounted to the baffle for an elegant front with no unsightly screws and no reflective edges near the drivers. This effectively eliminates a major source of colourations in more conventional, less conscientiously designed loudspeakers.

The S300 Series introduces a specially designed tweeter array mounting flange with integrated waveguide.

Rear-mounting the three tweeters to the rigid cast aluminium flange provides exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet.

The solid steel woofer mounting bracket ensures a tightly sealed connection to the inside of the front baffle.

The S300 Series employs a complex, box-inside-a-box construction with a non-resonant layer of tar joining the two cabinets to provide constrained layer damping.

The S300 Series cabinet construction and specially designed drive units lower the mechanical noise floor drastically, bringing music and movies to life with effortless realism, building on a rock-solid foundation.

Impedance4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power:25-400W
Bass-Midrange:1 x 6.5” Glassfibre
High Frequency Driver:1” Soft fabric dome
Side drivers:4 x 3.5” Glassfibre
Frequency-response:80 Hz – 22KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity:89 dB, 2.83V1m
Dimensions rear HxWxD:13,5 x 13,5 x 7” / 346 x 345 x 180mm
Dimensions front HxWxD:13,5 x 8,9 x 7” / 345 x 227 x 180mm
Weight:26.0 lbs / 12 kg
Finish:Black satin


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