M&K Sound IC95 Back Can (Pair)

IC95 In-Wall/In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Back Can


The compact and fully integrated IC95 system responds down 50Hz when mounted into walls or ceilings as an open back system, while when used with an available accessory “metal back can” – response will be controlled down to 70 Hz. This configuration is an easy integration with Miller & Kreisel subwoofers, complimenting to deliver the “extended bass”.

The M&K Sound Frameless Architectural In-Wall loudspeaker range consists of open baffle designs as well as sealed box versions of the brand’s popular satellite and on-wall models to provide wide flexibility in terms of applications and acoustic preferences. The series maintains the sonic integrity that has made M&K Sound a legend for over four decades.

Unlike other In-Wall makers, M&K Sound employs the exact same drivers and crossover technologies found in our acclaimed professional and consumer reference monitors to deliver consistent sound coverage throughout the room for superior imaging in stereo and surround, even when the speakers are fitted in the ceiling.

M&K Sound drive units represent the culmination of decades of intensely focused transducer innovation.

The ambitious goal of the latest M&K Sound Architectural In-Wall range has been to counterbalance the inevitable acoustic consequences of reducing internal volume to 20 – 30% of a normal cabinet, while preserving the celebrated neutrality, realism and musicality that are the signature of M&K Sound.

This level of tonal consistency and timbre matching offers unique flexibility and the opportunity to mix and match speakers from across the entire M&K Sound line-up.

Depth8.3 inch / 212 mm



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