M&K S300 THX Ultra 2 7.1.2 Speaker Pack

  • M&K S-300 THX ULTRA 2 5 Driver Studio Monitor (3 Units)
  • M&K S-300T Tripole Surround Studio Monitor (2 Pairs / 4 Units)
  • M&K IW-95 2 Way 6 ½” In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
  • M&K X12 Dual 12” Push Pull 400 watt RMS Sealed Subwoofer



System Includes:

  • M&K S-300 THX ULTRA 2 5 Driver Studio Monitor (3 Units)
  • M&K S-300T Tripole Surround Studio Monitor (2 Pairs / 4 Units)
  • M&K IW-95 2 Way 6 ½” In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
  • M&K X12 Dual 12” Push Pull 400 watt RMS Sealed Subwoofer

M&K S-300 Studio Monitor

Destined to become the reference home entertainment speaker system, the S300 offers transparency and neutrality that surpasses far larger, more costly systems. More compact than any speaker capable of rendering such clarity and pinpoint detail, the ultra-smooth S300 ensures unsurpassed, effortless realism even in very large rooms.

While a dedicated left/right mirror-image pair provides optimal imaging for two- channel sources, the use of an identical third speaker for centre channel duties guarantees a seamless, consistent sound field in all dimensions.

The S300 is the ultimate demonstration of M&K’s dedication to innovation and quality.

M&K S-300T Tripole Surround Studio Monitor

M&K Sound invented the Tripole® speaker configuration to do what no conventional surround loudspeaker can do. The installation of side and/or rear mounted S300T’s enhances the solidity and pin-point placement of rear channel events such as fly-overs, voices, effects, music etc., as well as the realism of the ambient soundfield.

The S300T Tripole® with integral wall-mount bracket, employs the same front drivers and crossover technology as the S300, for a perfect acoustic match.

Independent, isolated side chambers house two 4” drivers per side for optimal surround coverage that rivals the huge array of speakers required in movie theatres.

M&K IW-95 In-Ceiling Speakers

As a direct descendent of M&K Sound’s standard-setting professional studio monitors, the highly versatile IW95 is built on a thick rock-solid steel baffle and uses serious steel mounting brackets.

The universal IW95 is suitable for any complex installation and deliver a seamless, holographic, three-dimensional listening experience.

M&K X12 Subwoofer

Featured with dual Push Pull coupled long stroke 12” drivers in sealed enclosure.

Combining digital switch mode power section of 400 watt RMS, with M&K proprietary analog “front-end” input stage, all designed for the legendary M&K Sound bass extension.

The M&K X12 subwoofer offer Ultra low distortion and the highest dynamic performance, as using “dual Push Pull coupled drivers” providing a total surface area most equivalent to a single 18” driver.

X12 is rewarded with “reference status” for music and movie production, and Home Theatre applications.

M&K S-300 Studio Monitor & S-300T Tripole Surround Studio Monitor

The S300 Series introduces specially designed separate tweeter and woofer mounting brackets for exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet and a tight connection between the die-cast, custom made brackets and the front baffle.

All drivers are rear mounted to the brackets and the brackets are rear-mounted to the baffle for an elegant front with no unsightly screws and no reflective edges near the drivers. This effectively eliminates a major source of colourations in more conventional, less conscientiously designed loudspeakers.

The S300 Series introduces a specially designed tweeter array mounting flange with integrated waveguide.

Rear-mounting the three tweeters to the rigid cast aluminium
flange provides exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet.

The solid steel woofer mounting bracket ensures a tightly sealed connection to the inside of the front baffle.

The S300 Series employs a complex, box-inside-a-box construction with a non-resonant layer of tar joining the two cabinets to provide constrained layer damping.

The S300 Series cabinet construction and specially designed drive units lower the mechanical noise floor drastically, bringing music and movies to life with effortless realism, building on a rock-solid foundation.

M&K IW-95 In-Ceiling Speakers

The M&K Sound Frameless Architectural In-Wall loudspeaker range consists of open baffle designs as well as sealed box versions of the brand’s popular satellite and on-wall models to provide wide flexibility in terms of applications and acoustic preferences. The series maintains the sonic integrity that has made M&K Sound a legend for over four decades.

Unlike other In-Wall makers, M&K Sound employs the exact same drivers and crossover technologies found in M&K’s acclaimed professional and consumer reference monitors to deliver consistent sound coverage throughout the room for superior imaging in stereo and surround, even when the speakers are fitted in the ceiling.

M&K Sound drive units represent the culmination of decades of intensely focused transducer innovation.

The ambitious goal of the latest M&K Sound Architectural In-Wall range has been to counterbalance the inevitable acoustic consequences of reducing internal volume to 20 – 30% of a normal cabinet, while preserving the celebrated neutrality, realism and musicality that are the signature of M&K Sound.

This level of tonal consistency and timbre matching offers unique flexibility and the opportunity to mix and match speakers from across the entire M&K Sound line-up.

M&K X12 Subwoofer

The all-new X Series woofers have been tailored specifically to fulfil M&K Sound’s ambitious performance requirements. They employ open baskets for free air circulation, resulting in minimal mechanical distortion by eliminating any captive compressed air mass behind the cone. Cast baskets also offer a very rigid connection to the cabinet and improved heat dissipation from the motor system for reduced power compression.

The M&K Sound X Series implements aluminium AC shorting rings in the magnet system and aluminium pole spacers above the pole piece. These devices make a significant contribution to the X Series subwoofers’ ability to render extraordinary fine dynamic bass detail with high precision at all levels as the drivers maintain full control and respond instantaneously to the incoming signal, for unparalleled accuracy and authority in the bottom octaves.

The X Series half-roll suspension is designed to deliver extended longstroke cone motion with no mechanical losses within the driver’s linear excursion range. The surround is also designed to provide a high degree of damping of pressure build-up inside the cabinet in order to avoid collapse modes in the surround in the presence of large input voltage

The non-inductive Titanium voice coil formers effectively eliminate mechanical damping in the moving coil. Titanium formers offer key advantages, including mechanical rigidity and extreme thermal stability. The long coil diameter of 2” ensures long, linear cone motion and extraordinary power handling.

M&K S-300 Studio Monitor

Impedance4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power:25-500W
Frequency-response:60 Hz – 22KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity:93 dB, 2.83V1m
Dimensions HxWxD:15,5×13,4×13,0” / 395 x 340 x 330 mm
Weight:40.0 lbs / 18.2 kg
Finish:Black satin

M&K S-300T Tripole Surround Studio Monitor

Impedance4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power:25-400W
Bass-Midrange:1 x 6.5” Glassfibre
High Frequency Driver:1” Soft fabric dome
Side drivers:4 x 3.5” Glassfibre
Frequency-response:80 Hz – 22KHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity:89 dB, 2.83V1m
Dimensions rear HxWxD:13,5 x 13,5 x 7” / 346 x 345 x 180mm
Dimensions front HxWxD:13,5 x 8,9 x 7” / 345 x 227 x 180mm
Weight:26.0 lbs / 12 kg
Finish:Black satin

M&K IW-95 In-Ceiling Speakers

Impedance4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power:25-300W
Bass/Midrange:6.5” Polypropylene
High Frequency Driver:1” Soft fabric dome
Frequency Response:80 Hz – 20 kHz, ±3dB
Sensitivity:91 dB, 2.83V/1m
Grille Dimensions (HxW):12.40 x 9.33”, 315 x 237 mm
Baffle Dimensions (HxW):12,16 x 9.13”, 309 x 232 mm
Wall Cutout (HxW):10.75 x 7.44”, 273 x 189 mm
Mounting Depth:3.67”, 93 mm
Weight:10.0 lbs / 4.6 kg
Grill Finish:White metal, paintable

M&K X12 Subwoofer

Amplifier Power:400 Watts RMS / 700 Watts Peak
Frequency Response:20 – 200 Hz +/- 2 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:0.5%, 400 Watts, 4 Ohm
AC Power Consumption:0.5W standby, 60W average, 500W max.
AC Line Voltage:100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 5A
LFE Input:L/R Line level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
LFE Passthrough Output:L/R Line level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
Switchable Lowpass Filters:Fixed 80 Hz / Variable / No lowpass
Phase:0-180 degrees, continuously variable
Volume control:Continuously variable / Fixed THX
Switchable LFE:Optional THX or MK EQ mode
Dimensions HxWxD:25,8 x 17,3 x 17,8” / 656 x 440 x 453 mm
Weight:79.3 lbs / 36 kg
Finish:Black satin


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