When looking at the various technical specifications and features of projectors, one crucial aspect to consider is their ability to accurately reproduce colours and tones. Understanding the physics of colours can be tough, especially, if it’s not your area of expertise. Therefore, in the below article, well only cover some basic concepts that are important.

For Hollywood movies and high-definition media, the industry relies on standardized measurements such as Rec.709 and DCI-P3. These standards serve as benchmarks for image encoding and signal characteristics, ensuring consistent colour accuracy across different devices. With the human eye capable of perceiving around 1 million colours, these standards provide a common ground for manufacturers, guaranteeing that Midnight Blue on an OLED television is identical to the same hue output by a 4K laser projector. While Rec.709 is a widely adopted standard, the DCI-P3 standard expands this colour gamut by another 26% approx. It’s essential to note that various colour standards exist, catering to different industries and purposes, including motion picture film, domestic and commercial paints, ceramics, and more.

Manufacturers typically provide statistics on the number of colours their units can create, with many boasting 30-bit displays and an impressive 1.07 billion colours.

Image 1: Rec.709 vs DCI-3P vs Rec.2020 colour palates


Image 1: Rec.709 vs DCI-3P vs Rec.2020 colour palates

It is worth making the point that while the human eye is officially able to recognise around a million colours, it is certainly capable of detecting shades, hues, tones and variations well beyond this. So, a unit that is capable of displaying over a billion colours will have a far more vibrant and dynamic image compared to a unit that can only recreate 1 million colours.

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It’s worth emphasizing that the human eye officially recognizes around a million colours and can detect shades, hues, tones, and variations. A projector capable of displaying over a billion colours offers a substantial improvement in image vibrancy and dynamic range compared to one limited to recreating just a million colours.

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