In the Land of the Big Screen, where giant, ultra-high-definition crystal clear images live, there is a lot of curiosity about what actually goes into a Home Cinema System.  And we at Hollywood Cinema Store are your seasoned guides, ready to take you on a journey full of wonder, enchantment and magic.

When designing complete home cinema packages, there are two main components to consider: the visuals and the sound. We can help you select a home cinema system that suits your needs within your budget, without compromising on great quality.

The Visuals

Arguably, the most important component of the package is the projector. Projectors range in price, technology, features, quality and purpose.  Choosing a high-quality projector can mean all the difference in elevating your home cinema experience from OK to wow!  Read our previous blog where we flesh out the nitty gritty on the types of projectors available.

When it comes to home cinema, screen size is determined by the theatre room/space dimensions and the type of projector used.  Most home cinemas have screens ranging from 100” to 150”, but enthusiasts with the space to fit them can opt for larger 200” screens and beyond! We recommend high-quality, Australian-made screens from Screen Technics, the largest and most accomplished screen manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere.  We can help you choose the right screen based on screen size, aspect ratio, material and purpose.

To run the ‘Show’, a home Audio Visual (AV) Receiver is needed.  As the name suggests, these technological powerhouse units process both visual and audio information, as well as act as an amplifier for your surround sound system.  Check out our blog for an in-depth overview of these amazing pieces of modern tech.

Other pieces of the home cinema puzzle include a 18gbps+ high-speed HDMI connection between your projector and AV Receiver, a set-top box for free-to-air television viewing, and a media player for all your streaming and online services.

The Sound

The second – some would say first – most important element is the surround sound system.  From basic 5.1 ‘DOLBY’ systems, to sophisticated ATMOS THX Dominus 9.2.4 systems, which have 9 surround speakers, 4 ATMOS height speakers, and two subwoofers!  See our blog for a more in-depth read.

A THX Certified Dominus Room Configuration

Speaker options vary in size, design, materials, construction, features and technology, all of which play a part in determining the sound quality.  Options include powerful floor-standing models, smaller and slimline wall-mountable models, discrete in-wall configurations, wireless speakers, and more!  High quality speakers really enhance detail, depth, sustain and imaging, bringing a realistic, life-like soundstage.  Good speakers make you feel like you’re a part of the action, ensuring years of pure listening enjoyment.

As mentioned earlier, amplifiers are necessary to power speakers (unless they’re already powered), and your home AV Receiver will tie the whole system together.  With many AV Receiver options available, it’s essential to consider features, available channels and power requirements to optimise performance. Our team can help guide you in selecting the perfect AV Receiver for your speakers, to make sure you are getting the most enjoyment from your system.

The Extras

Our professional Install Team has decades of combined experience and can pre-wire and fit-out your cinema package, working with new home builds and outfitting existing homes. We can provide you with optional high-end theatre seating including powered features, leather upholstery, and refrigerated cup holders. Acoustic room treatments using absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps are also available to improve sound quality too. We also install star ceilings from LightEFX, which are a treated acoustic panel system that not only helps to absorb that unwanted noise, they look absolutely stunning!

A LightETX Star Ceiling

So that’s what goes into a Home Cinema Package. Come visit our showroom at Fountain Gate, or our website for the best advice, service, and price!