Are you upgrading your home theatre system, or are you planning to get one for your new or existing home? Among the many areas to consider before purchasing a home theatre system, the type of surround sound set-up you chose is important.

We have seen over the years how everyday technology like computers, mobile phones and television screens have gone through continuous improvements to be faster, better, and more powerful. Along the way, surround sound set-ups and the technologies behind them have significantly improved as well.

Surround sound was originally introduced to enhance the viewer’s entertainment experience by creating a multidimensional sonic atmosphere where a viewer could not only listen to the sound but also feel it coming to life. Surround speakers provide clear and captivating sound for an immersive listening experience, from front left, centre, right, and rear, and can be achieved with a minimum of 5 speakers plus a subwoofer. This set-up is known as 5.1 surround sound, and Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, SDDS, and THX are all common 5.1 systems.

One of the more recent additions to home theatre surround sound installations is Dolby Atmos. Released in 2012, and initially available only in movie theatres, Dolby Atmos technology is now considered a minimum standard for home theatres here at Hollywood Cinema Store.

What is 3D sound?

To put it in simple words, it is an upgrade! 3D sound systems provide a sonic sound stage on both the horizontal and vertical axis. This means the sound comes to you from the front left, front centre, front right, left rear, right rear and from above you.

For the best results, Atmos speakers are placed in the ceiling overhead (usually one pair of in-ceiling speakers for each row of seating in your room).  You can also achieve Dolby Atmos using special height speakers, that sit on top of some floor-standing speaker models.

Including Atmos speakers in your home cinema significantly improves your sound stage compared to a standard 5.1 system, and makes your home cinema experience richer, deeper, and more real. 3D sound, also known as object-orientated sound, transports you deeper than ever before and draws you into the experience so that you hear and feel even more. It enables listeners to perceive sound from every direction.

Imagine yourself walking by the beach and think of the waves splashing water under your feet. Want to feel your imagination? Turn on your home theatre system, play the video you are imagining and feel the sound of the waves coming to you from all directions, transporting you to the beach from the comfort of your own couch. For a more realistic gaming experience, first-person games support 3D sound to help you feel the character and be him or her when scouting enemies and accomplishing game goals.  If you’re a game enthusiast and love your Xbox and PS 5, 3D sound is recommended for you.

3D surround sound is also a major quality upgrade from standard television speakers or soundbars. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from our wide range of surround sound systems available at mind-blowing prices, only at Hollywood Cinema Store. If you’re a home theatre fan and love watching movies and hosting movie nights, upgrading to surround sound is a worthy investment.