In our previous blogs (here and here), we’ve covered the essentials of cinema packages and surround sound setups for your home, including the magic of Dolby ATMOS / DTS:X technology. To recap, our popular Hollywood Home Theatre packages typically feature a 5.1.2 surround speaker setup as standard. This setup includes three front speakers, two side or rear speakers, two overhead speakers, and a subwoofer. Each of these speaker systems is meticulously paired with a recommended home AV Receiver, considering factors like the number of channels needed, speaker power requirements, and other relevant specifications. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of speaker brands and types, catering to everyone from novice home buyers to seasoned audiophiles.

When it comes to selecting the right package, one of the choices is which category of speakers is right for you. For Home Theatre setups, speakers generally fall into three broad categories: floor-standing, on-wall, and in-wall. This decision primarily concerns the front left, centre, and right speaker types, as the rear/side and ATMOS in-ceiling arrangements typically remain consistent across most set-ups.

Floor-standing or tower speakers emerge as the most popular choice for the front left and right channels. These speakers offer an extensive range, straightforward setup, and provide exceptional value for your investment. Positioned at the front of your room or audio space, they do the heavy lifting in your set-up. Typically, they feature between 2-4 midrange woofers along with a high-range tweeter.  This setup also includes a Centre channel speaker as standard.

Picture 1: A pair of Klipsch RP-8000F II Floor-standing Speakers (Source:

The on-wall speaker systems represent the second most popular category of surround speaker packs. These speakers offer a sleek alternative to the larger floor-standing models, providing a slimmer, lighter, and mountable speaker option. Ideal for those seeking a cleaner, space-saving aesthetic for their home theatre. On-wall speakers are typically mounted on either side of the projector screen. The centre speaker is positioned just below the screen, ensuring balanced sound distribution.

Image 2: Paradigm Millenia LP 2 On-wall Speaker set-up (Source:

The third category, in-wall speakers, live up to their name – they are installed directly into the wall. You can opt to have the speaker grille flush with the wall surface or have the speaker drivers on display. They can be placed in the traditional left, centre, and right positions or strategically hidden behind specially designed, acoustically transparent projector screens. This innovative setup allows for the speakers to become virtually invisible, providing a seamless and impressive home theatre experience. While requiring a bit of extra investment and installation work, in-wall speakers offer a truly immersive audio solution for discerning enthusiasts.

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Image 3: Paradigm Ci Elite E7 LCR v2 In-Wall Speaker (Source: